The short circuit has never been so high-tech.

WTX Europe

Renowned partner in the automotive industry, WTX Europe realizes the mechanical structure of the Plume Allure (shush, double fork, handlebars). We have developed a unique thermolaquing process for a more ecological and shock-resistant paint.


Eiffage realizes the production of electronic cards that fuel connectivity Plume Allure. Driver, cable, and front LED strips for hypervisibility. Each piece was designed and tested carefully at the electronic study office on board at DPE Design.


The sense of detail, delicate curves and harmonious lines of the Plume Allure offers a perfect balance between a unique, clean design and optimum safety underlined by ultra-visibility. The Plume Allure embarks with it design choices and all a know-how where designers and engineers thought robustness, reliability, safety for the Plume Allure.

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components are designed and manufactured in France by French companies within a 50km radius in the Hauts-de-France.

We have made the choice to pass all the tests to obtain the label " Origine France Guarantee" the only certification that attests to the French origin of our products.


Surrounded by industrial partners and experts, Plume becomes the first french brand of micro-mobility to get this label.


More than a brand, we are a company engaged in an environmental and responsible approach. An approach that has helped to design repairable and recyclable equipment!

"By making the choice, without equal, to make in France, we can now offer durable solutions, made in a short circuit so that the impact on our environment is like a decarbonized use for the generations of today and tomorrow! »
Fabrice furlan
Founder and CEO Plume

Transparency & traceability

The “Made in France” or “Made in France” is an original mark. This optional indication can be used by companies to indicate the origin of their goods and to establish the “nationality” of a product, in accordance with the Customs Code. The product then takes the origin of the country in which it has undergone its last transformation. This is therefore an auto-declarative mention by the manufacturer.

Plume is labeled " Origine France Guarantee" and differentiates itself from the "Made in France" by its transparent manufacturing process. 82% of the constituent elements of the products Plume are designed, transformed and assembled in french territory. In this sense, Plume ensuring the traceability of its products by providing a clear and precise indication of the origin of its components.

To obtain the Origin France Warranty label, we must have met two essential and cumulative criteria: - Between 50% and 100% of the unit price is French - The product takes its essential characteristics in France. Follow up on compliance monitoring audits, a careful study to issue the label, certification by specialized offices. We are audited every year by AFNOR to ensure compliance with these conditions regarding our manufacturing process and thus keep our OFG label on our products Plume.