Plume Story

Transform ways to move.

We are an industrial company and brand that designs, develops and markets mobility solutions to make urban movements more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We believe that this mobility must be not only useful, but also in the image of what it must represent, that is, decarbonized, reliable and responsible mobility.

Decongestion of cities.

By providing clean, reliable and responsible mobility.

2.000.000, this is the number of people using today an electric scooter to move. 579.000 this is also the number of electric scooters sold in 2022.

Either a 59% increase in just 3 years.

It is a good news because micro-mobility is a true response to the disintegration of cities and allows mobility accessible to the largest number.

Fervents of a more local economy, demanding on quality, we could not imagine designing and manufacturing micro-mobility equipment that we would have no control and traceability.

By making the choice to manufacture in France and to obtain the Origin France Guarantee label, we can offer new, local and sustainable equipment and services that protect! "

Our cities and territories are going to be transformed.

30% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are due to mobility. Cities are congested by home journeys - work

Our consumption patterns are changing.

Consuming useful, sustainable and local becomes a must in our consumption habits. Companies also start to decarbonize the journeys of their social advantage.

Machines made more than 10,000 km.

Which is a non-sensical to our ecological impact.
That's the challenge we've embarked on. Manufacture a product in France, in a short circuit that meets the needs of today and tomorrow

SHIFT MOBILITY 2022 - Berlin
Urban Mobility Price - Cases of OR of Digital

Our commitments

Be committed to quality and reflect it in every electric scooter we produce.
Offer a high-end, reliable, ecological and singular product. Make the promise of a unique design with singular lines, created to last in time.







From the idea to the realization.

To create the Plume Allure, we listened to road users for a product that meets your expectations. Products Plume are intended to be safety references, using new useful technologies, without removing the simplicity and pleasure of practice. Safety, repair and reliability are at the centre of our brand's commitment and design issues.

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