We are convinced that chacun.e. can bring the other.

We gather our skills poles to reflect our commitment to environmentally friendly urban mobility.

We inspire each other to grow the company Plume and the values she embodies. To overcome and bring the best to the growing community Plume.


It's a vector of choice.

Between us.
With our partners, our partners client.e.s.
In our daily choices.
In our organization.
In our design choices.


It's a principle.

Because it's identity.
Our DNA.
To be in harmony with ourselves.
To never bother.
So that our choices are the expression of who we are.
To express mobility as we see it.

The alliance of French expertise and know-how.

French trusted actors and partners who have accepted the challenge of transforming the mobility of tomorrow.


Insurance, Maintenance & Recycling

Federal partners

Supports & Financing